One Direction Preferences

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Harry: After months of internal debate, Harry had decided on the vacation spot that you two would take: Verona, Italy. The city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and as you grew to learn, his favorite stop on the European run of the tour. “The stadium was massive and the fans were so loud,” he explains his previous time in Verona fervently as you walk together hand in hand down the cobble stoned street, “But, I think I enjoy this quite a bit more. Just us and the city. Come on, I want to show you this great cafe.” Verona quickly became your favorite city as well.

Liam:Vacations with Liam were the way vacations were meant to be; relaxing, breathtaking, a week to be away from all the stress that’s encountered in life. Somehow Liam always knew the perfect destination for vacations such as these. Mexico was the place that you two could wake up to the already burning hot sun with the burning hot feel of Liam pressed against you, enjoy a couple of coronas on the beach, go dancing after dinner, and share a laugh when Liam (poorly) tried to speak Spanish with the waiters. It was these vacations that allowed you to fall even more in love with him.

Louis: Sand between your toes, Australian sun burning at your back, and your head between your knees, lifting it as you hear the sound of the sand being kicked. “What’s wrong, love? You haven’t given up already have you?” You’d spent most of the morning having surfing lessons with Louis who swore he “could teach you better than that shit instructor.” You weren’t so sure about that, you kept slipping and losing your balance. There would be bruises tomorrow, for sure. “Lou, I don’t think I’m cut out for this. I’d like to go back to the hotel room.” He shook his hair out, misting you as he sat beside you. “I think you’re cut out for it just fine, you just need practice. But you’re right, it’s getting late and I’m quite hungry. Lets grab a bite to eat,yeah?” He whispers as he nibbles on your ear. You figured you could learn how to surf another day.

Niall: If Niall wanted to vacation anywhere, it was at home in Mullingar with his friends and family. So naturally, that’s where he took you two. During your extended stay, you met parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, cousins, in-laws, best friends. If they knew Niall, they were definitely going to know you. “Babe, I hope you don’t mind meeting everyone I just want to show you off,” he was beaming, he loved being with his family and he loved even more that you were with him. Of course you didn’t mind. In fact, you could get used to being in the Horan family.

Zayn: His idea of vacation was with you, in his house, with his never ending collection of movies. He only had a few days off before hitting the road again and he wanted to spend them with you, no matter what you two were doing, even if it was just slacking off on the couch watching movies. “I hope this isn’t too much of a boring vacation for you babe,” he says apologetically. It wasn’t. It was just perfect for you; you were together after months apart and that’s all that mattered.

He leaves for tour.

Harry: The time had come for him to go, the realisation not quite hitting you yet as you folded his clothes and placed them in his multiple suitcases.It was almost silent in the room, both of you not wanting to come to terms with what was happening,that the time had come. You know you don’t need to fold everything Y/N, its all just going to get crinkled anyway, he told you with a sadness in his voice it almost cracking towards the end of his sentence as his eyes met yours for the first time in hours. At that moment the tears were threatning to fall, you took slow steps towards eachother studying eachothers features in detail for one final time. No words needed to be said, knowing exactly what the other was thinking as the time for him to leave arrived.

Niall:  You always got rather emotional when saying goodbye. So you both decided it would be best if you said your goodbyes at home and not in an airport full of paps. It was early in the morning when Niall awoke you from your sleep for your last goodbye,the tears began to form in your eyes Hey babe, come on please don’t cry, he begged with you as you were englufed into a hug. Sorry, i’m just gonna miss you so much, I don’t know what i’m going to do without you, you blurted out as the tears now poured down your tired face. Babe, you’ll be just fine without me,he reasured you as you were again brought into one those hugs you would miss so dearly as he left for his adventure.

Zayn: You were stood in the airport waiting until the last possible minute to say your last goodbye, the last time you would see Zayn in months. You were both lounging around, his arm drapped around your shoulder, as you  treasured your last moments together before he left to embark on his world tour. You had always saying goodbye wether it was a few minutes or months you hated that feeling of losing the part of you which kept you strong. I love you, he whispered in your ear, then stepping back taking in your appearance for a final time before he took thise steps, walking away from you for the last time in months. Goobye, i love you too, you mouthed to him as he walked into the distance.

Louis: Saying goodbye to Louis had always been one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do, this tour no exception to those feelings. You only drove Louis to the airport not wanting to go inside and witness the final goodbye. You both collected his bags and took the to the car in the darkness of night getting ready for your car journey. You know i’m gonna miss you so much, miss your hugs,your cooking,your smell everything he about you he told as your journey began. A smile formed on your face as your last goodbye were good memories, happy memories, the ones you wanted to remember as he left for tour.

Liam: When Liam was leaving for tour you found out that you were going to be on a buisness trip the same time as he left, leaving you less time to spend with him, more time which your love had to be apart. You tried to re-arrange the trip but you coudn’t for once it was you leaving early you leaving him for once not the other way round and it broke your heart knowing you were going. I’ve got to go Liam, you told him sternly, trying to keep your emotions together as you collected your bags looking him in th eyes for a final time. The tears feel down his face as you went to close the door behind you. Before you did you ran to him giving him one final hug before your departure.

Holding Hands


In crowds, in the cinema, on the couch back at your flat, anywhere. He’ll do it suddenly, lacing his fingers with yours without warning. He likes how small your hand is compared to his and you’ll often find him playing with your fingers.


He knows it makes you feel protected, whenever your in a large crowd or around people in general, he holds your hand to make sure you feel safe. He’s really protective and just wants to know you’re there.


He’ll lace your fingers together, holding your hand loosely. He’ll squeeze your fingers occasionally, it’s just something that you’ve noticed and it’s become a habit of his.


He “keeps your hand warm”. He always says that your hands are really cold and he holds it tightly to get you warm. He’ll gently rub his thumb over the back of your hand, a grin never leaving his face.


Zayn will nudge your hand and finally grab it, lacing your fingers together. He’ll bring your hand up and kiss the back of it gently before letting them swing in between the two of you.

He hits you and regrets it. Part 2.

Harry- You drove back to you and Harry's flat because you left a very important piece of clothing that your granmother gave to you before she died, opening the door was a weary teared eye Harry "Oh my" you whisper. "Hello (Y/N)" he says "I think you need this" he handed you the clothing " know I came back for this?" "You always said how special it was" "Come here" you say hugging him. "I love you" you whisper. "I love you too, please don't leave again"

Niall- It was 2 days after the fight and you decided to go back to get your things. *Ding Dong* "Hello?" You could hear a craking Irish voice come from the little bit of space that was opened. "Niall?" you asked "Oh (Y/N)" he says opening up the door a lot more. "I came to get my things" "All right here" He said going into the kitchen and bringing out 2 boxes, "Can I come in?" "Of course" He said. You looked around, "I-Is that blood?!" You asked pointing towards the bathroom door. "N-n-no" he said closing it. "Niall.." You grabbed his wrist and saw "Oh my god" You say and hugged him so hard "Never leave" he whispers in your ear.

Liam- Calling Danielle to see whats really going on and they confirned that they were just getting coffee and the napkin had her new phone number because Liam and her were just friends. You still thought about staying where you were though, I guess Liam did hit you, bur you had decieded to go back to him. "Liam?" You asked opening the door to the flat "(Y/N)!" Liam said rushing out of your room and into your arms, you studied him, bloodshot eyes, had not shaved for days, or took a shower. You loved him anyways. "I love you" You said kissing him.

Louis- Sitting on your old flat's doorstep you took out your phone and called Louis. "(Y/N) I am truly sorry, I shouldn't have done that, Please please please PLEEEAASESEE forgive me." He said as soon as he picks up. "Louis, I don't did hit me and call me a bitch" "I promise you will be the only girl in the world, never will I lay a hand on you anymore" You thought about it. "I'll be in our flat in 5" you said hanging up, and with that you both did a twitcam explaining to the fans that it was an overdone joke.

Zayn- A week after and you missed Zayn, you decieded to see whats up with him. "Zayn.." you said knocking on the door. After 5 times you took the spare key and opened it, suprised by what you saw. "Oh my god.." The whole house was thrashed. "Hey" Zayn said coming out the hallway..."Zayn honey...." "I'm so sorry" he says hugging you and kissing you. "I love you" You whispser to him.

He hits you and regrets it. Part 1.

Harry- "Harry hon?" You asked as you went into the living room "Yeah love?" "Whats this?" You said throwing down a magazine on the coffee table, on it was him kissing Caroline Flack, you could tell it was recent by noticing that Harry had one of his newer tattoos. "This is bullshit, you know that stuff's not true" he said trying to give you a hug, but you ignore him. "Come on babe" he says getting annoyed of you. You instantly retallitate "NO! HAROLD!      WHY WOULD YOU GO BACK TO HER?" "LISTEN TO ME" He shouts, slapping you with his cold, big hands. You give him a dirty look, run upstairs into your bed room and start packing, "Stop (Y/N)" He says grabbing your wrist gently and putting to the side, but you keep on going "Stop" He says again now forming tears. You dont talk to him and leave, looking back one more time you say him punch the wall and slide down it.

Niall- You look as you see your boyfriend Niall come home drunk..again..."Hey (Y/N)" he says slurring putting his arm around you. "Niall go get some sleep" You say, pointing up the stairs. "But I want to be with you" he said starting to rub your thigh, thats it time for you to lug him to bed again "Come on Niall" you say getting up and tugging on his arm. "No" he says "Why are you so heavy" you mumble to yourself still trying to get him up to bed. "Niall, if you go to bed now I will make you any food you want tommorow okay?" "But-" "Ah" "LET ME DO WHAT I WANT" He suddenly screams pinning you to the wall. "NIALL" you scream at him "Shut up" he says slapping you straight to the face, he instantly sobers up. "Princess" "Princess nothing Niall" You say grabbing you car keys and saying "I'll be back for my things later" 

Liam- (Liam would never hurt you, but I made one sorta like Harry's) "Liam look at this" You said taking out your phone and going on twitter showing him millions of twitpics of him and Danielle from today, he was wearing the exact same outfit "Oh we were just out for some coffee to catch up" he said going back to his TV show. "Uh huh" you say not beliving him. You went up to you and Liam's room starting to pack you looked though his dresser and saw 'Liam Call Me xxx-xxx-xxxx -Danielle'   On a starbucks napkin, he kept it.... You zipped up the suitcase threw the napkin in the trash and went downstairs, "(y/n)?" Liam asked getting up You didn't wsay anything and started to leave "STOP" He shouted spinning you around and slapping you, "Liam" You say looking at him in hurt eyes, you get out of his grip and run to anywhere you can go.

Louis- "OH JUST SHUT UP" Louis shouted at you, almost throwing the pillow he had at you. You two were at it again, fighting again, you loved how immature he was but it got to far this time, he pantsed you in front of everyone at one of One DIrection's recent concerts you could remember it clearly. Plus all the gifs were over the internet. "And now..MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND" Louis shouted as Paul brought you onto the stage. "Hi" you said sheepishly as Louis put the microphone to your mouth "So (Y/N)" Harry started "Tell us about  Louis" "Well-" Your legs felt cold You screamed as the boys and everyone at the show was laughing loudy, You ran off the stage and now here you were backstage in his dressing room fighing. "LOUIS, EVERYONE IS MAKING FUN OF ME!" You scream "NO ONE IS BITCH" he says slapping you hard on the face. Tears form in your eyes as you storm out with sorrys from the rest of the boys and go out the back door to screaming fans. "Ha ha theres flower butt" Some of them said, there was more screams as Louis tried chasing after you but failed because Paul had to pull him back in.

Zayn- (Sorta like Louis') "Boo" he said trying to stop you from packing. You would'nt "Please" he said trying to keep calm. "NO ZAYN" You shouted. He put his hand on your arm, but you shoved him off. You could remember it clearly from that night, Zayn just got back from tour and you two decided to go to a club. You knew Zayn had some drinks but you didn't know that 3 beers could make him booty dance and make out with a slut. You pulled him out and here you two are fighting after you drove home. "Please Boo, I didn't mean it" he said "No" you say coldy and throw a pillow at him. "THATS IT" He shouts and pins you on the bed. "LET GO" You shout back louder. "I CAN'T TAKE YOU!" He says with a quick, but hard slap to the face. "GET OFF ME" You shout while crying and push him to the side, grab whats in your suit case and leave.

What do you think?!

He moans someone elses name during sex. *request*

Harry: He says sorry a bunch of times before you take control and finish.

Liam: He could never even if he did he would make you feel like the only girl in the world after that.

Niall: You both just laughed it off and continued like nothing ever happened.

Louis: You just gave him a look. He knew he wasn’t going to get to finish.

Zayn: “Really Zayn?” “Sorry it slipped ” “Sorry my ass” with that you made him sleep on the couch that night

He makes you cry

  • Harry came home. He was very upset. He was tired you let him in the house and he gives you a dirty look. You say, “hello babe.” How are you today? He gives you a look and says,”Horrible, just leave me alone for now okay!” You look alittle frightened. “Okay? Would you like a drink or something to eat?” You put one hand on his shoulder when he sits down on the edge of the bed. He yells,”DIDNT I TELL YOU TO LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE?! GOD SOMETIMES YOU CAN BE AN ANNOYING BITCH!” Your mouth drops. Harry says: (Y/N) IM SOO SORRY! You yell,”SAVE IT! BECAUSE IM AN ANNOYING BITCH!” You run down stairs sobbing you run outside and sit on the porch. Harry runs after you and picks you up bridal style and takes you back in the house and rocks you and keeps kissing you and touching you. You look at him with tears on your cheeks. He wipes them and says, “I am soo sorry baby. I love you with all my heart. I have been having a really bad day baby.” You nodd your head and say,”Okay harry. I love you too.” Harry makes you dinner and you both cuddle in bed together watching, “Love actually.”

  • Niall walks in the house you guys own. He is very drunk. And he goes murmering and stamerring. You come up to him and say,”Nialler? Babe! Where have you been?! I was quite worried about you” You touch his arm. He slides him are back and says,”GET OFF OF ME! YOU’RE WAY TO DAMN CLINGY!” you back up and begin to cry. He looks at you in disbelif on what he had said and done. You lock the bathroom door and you said, “STAY AWAY FROM ME! IM TOO CLINGY! IM CALLING DANIELLE TO COME GET ME!Niall knocks on the door yelling, ” IM SO SORRY BABY! I LOVE YOU! YOU’RE NOT CLINGLY BABY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DON’T LEAVE ME! You set your phone down. You say, “R-really babe? You mean it?” Still sobbing. Niall says, “Yes baby! Now unlock the door!” You nodd  your head and unlock the door. He comes charging in and picks you up and lays you on the bed. He kisses you passionatly. I love you. You smile and kiss him passionatly. I love you too.
  • I can’t do one for Liam… I just can’t see him making anyone cry!

  • You haven’t talk to Louis in a while today. You texted him saying, “Hey baby! What would you like for dinner? xoxo” He didn’t text you back. You decided to go out for a ride and you see him… with another woman! You pull over and walk out and say,” WHAT THE HELL LOUIS! SCREW OFF DON’T COME TO MY HOUSE! Louis looks up wide eyed,”(Y/N) NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!! ITS NOT WHO YOU THINK! IT’S MY AUNT ITS MY AUNT! But it was too late. You were crying speeding home and you begin to pack up your things balling. Louis comes in the house screaming and crying saying,”ITS MY AUNT! ITS MY AUNT! (Y/N)! I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TO HAVE YOU LEAVE ME! AND OR EVER CHEAT ON YOU ! I LOVE YOU! He picks you up bridal style rocking you back and forth saying i love you and i’ll never let you go! And you fall asleep  together in his arms.(:

  • Zayn comes home ANGRY! He smacks down a magazine on the table that you were eating by. He yells,”WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!” The magazine said,”(Y/N) seen with a different man?” You look at and say,”you’re joking right? I wouldn’t EVER cheat on you! And it’s obvious it’s photoshoped!” He said,” Maybe? Or are you just whoring around?” You look at him and say,”WOW! THANKS ZAYN!” Zayn went wide eyed and said,”(Y/N) No i didn’t mean it like that shit! (Y/N) IM soo sorry please forgive me i love you too much to see you with anyone else. I’d die if that happend im sorry i love you! You look up from sobbing and you say,”I’d never cheat on you. LIKE EVER! I love you too. and he hugs you and call up the magazine to go on live and say they made it up and thy’re sorry

He's on his man-period 

         Harry - He’ll go from angry, to happy, to horny, to social, to grumpy, to nerdy, to sarcastic, & then he’ll fall asleep. 

          Louis - “I’m too hot!” He screams, throwing the blanket you just got him onto the ground. “I need an ice-lolly!” He whines, looking at you with puppy dog eyes. “I’m going out.” You state, grabbing your purse and leaving the man-child at home. 

          Liam - “Aw, we’re out of marshmallows.” He says sadly, before whimpering a bit & letting a few tears slide. “I like marshmallows.” He says again, crawling into bed where he falls asleep. He occasionally mumbles about s’mores. 

          Niall - “Hey babe, I was thinking you and me could like… ya’know tonight.” He drawls, winking seductively in your direction. Niall on his man-period= Horny Horan. 

          Zayn - “Um, yea, excuse me. I asked for my salad dressing on the side. Can you deal with that, thanks.” Zayn requests snarkily to the waiter. “Psh, people these days.” He says sassily. This is gonna be a tough week, you think to yourself.